COVID-19 Practices

Western Bliss Boutique is currently following strict precautions to ensure that clothing and packages are as safe as possible throughout our handling and packaging process. 

This means that all clothing has been washed, steamed, and stored in an air tight container for more than 14 days. Our handling team (photography and packaging) take strict precautions when handling clothings such as hand sanitizer, face masks, and new gloves for each piece. 

All storage and handling of clothing is done in a dedicated room where sanitization, face masks, and gloves are required before entering, and only the dedicated handling team are allowed to handle the clothing. 

As a Western Bliss Boutique customer, you can rest assured that your purchase is 100% safe to be receiving and enjoying. We want you to have the ability to shop from home without any worry or concern, and your safety as a customer is our top priority. 

If you have any COVID-19 related questions or concerns, you can ask us anytime at: 


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Cell: 403-831-3273